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Brothers and Sisters,

The current situation seems to be snowballing a little, and I know many of you are concerned about an extended stoppage of work in our industry. Please know that there are many people working hard on the National, State and Local level to try to make sure we can get some much needed help during this difficult time. I have faith that our industry will rebound and will come back stronger after this test.

Hopefully, if you have some down time, many of you will take time to improve your skills during this time period. Keep in mind there are many online resources for training, including those offered through the LinkedIn/Lynda service. We may try to have some live training as well, but of course we need to work within any social distance measures that are in effect.

Below I have included links to help you find your city and state officials. I would suggest e-mailing or calling to respectfully ask that they consider the needs of those who work in the entertainment industry during this trying time:

Federal and State

City of Tulsa

Even if it's just a short message, please write or call, every voice helps.

In Solidarity,

Richard Shumberger

Political Coordinator

In keeping with guidance from the authorities, all of the IATSE offices in the US & Canada are closed for two weeks. Contact information is available if you need it.

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