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Passing of a 354 Member

It is my sad duty to inform you of the passing of longtime IATSE 354 member Brother Tom Poss on November 3rd.  Tom held a Retired 75 Gold Card from IATSE, having been a member since March of 1973, meaning he was a devoted member of IATSE for 49 of his 80 years.

Tom was a man of many talents, having contributed an enormous amount of himself and his talents to not only our Local, but the theatrical arts in our community.  Tom was not only a teacher in the public school system but a mentor as well (having been responsible for several of our members becoming Stagehands).  Tom was instrumental in the startup and running of Tulsa Performing Arts Center, served as Head Electrician for organizations such as Tulsa Ballet, served as an officer for our Local, and generally filled the role of consummate stagehand and awesome person.

Tom had many friends, many looked up to him for his knowledge and leadership, and he will be sorely missed by those who knew him.  His loss will be felt by all those who enjoyed his sense of humor, his skillful observations and concise remarks, and his knowledge of the history of our organization and our trade.

I understand that funeral arrangements are being handled by Moore Funeral Home but there will not be a viewing or anything like that.  I believe that there will be something in the line of a casual event and celebration of his life, rather than a formal service.


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