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Strike News & Local Impact

Some of you have been asking about the impact locally if the strike of IATSE happens Monday.

Here is the web site that has the latest info on the IA Basic Agreement.

The strike affects agreements with the AMPTP. Local 354 does not have agreements with the AMPTP so all of our work will continue as planned.

I am not sure if there are any productions going on in OK that would be affected.

As more info is available we will pass it along. I know that the negotiations are ongoing and will continue through the weekend. I know that this may not provide a lot of info but it’s what we have at this time.

For those asking how they can help, here’s a link to the Petition

And there may be opportunities for willing members to man picket lines. We’ll let everyone know about those if they arise.

Paul Clear

President, Local 354 IATSE

Tulsa, OK

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