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Tulsa Opera Position Posting

Below is the job description & position information for Tulsa Opera's Production Electrician. If you have any questions about the position or applying for it, please contact Ben Johnson, Technical Director of Tulsa Opera at

In Solidarity, Emerson Parker Secretary IATSE Local 354



• Be familiar with current standard industry equipment and the working terminology for equipment and supplies.

• Be able to draft light plots and hang cards.

• Accurately determine cable, dimmer and circuit requirements for the installation of the light plot.

• Assemble all required booms, ladders, and trusses for the plot.

• Distribute the lighting equipment to the proper positions on stage and in the house.

• Hang, cable and gel the entire lighting package.

• Build or adjust any necessary practicals.

• Adjust the plot as needed during tech.

• Communicate with the Lighting Designer, the Production Manager, and the Technical Directors for both Tulsa Opera and the Tulsa Performing Arts Center to ensure the timely and accurate rental or purchase of equipment, color, templates and any special effects machinery required for the production.

• Successfully execute the light plot for the Lighting Designer while staying under the budget set by Tulsa Opera.

• Supervise the Electrics crew while serving as its Department Head on all IATSE calls related to the production.

• Be able to program the light board to write the lighting cues for use during performances.

• All other duties as assigned by the Production Manager or Technical Director that specifically pertain to the production.

DATES OF ENGAGEMENT: Dates listed are the first and last day of work in the venue, plus an additional call after load out to sort and put away equipment as necessary.

• Emmeline; February 15th-February 27th, 2022

• Salome; April 19th-May 1st, 2022

PRODUCTION ELECTRICIAN: For the purposes of this engagement, your work as Production Electrician will be considered an Independent Contractor and you will be responsible for any taxes pertaining hereto. It is understood that this work is separate from, but supplementary to, your services as Production Electrician during regular theatre calls. Your work as Production Electrician while in the venue will be covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Tulsa Opera, Inc. and IATSE Local 354.

SOBER WORKPLACE: You are to be sober, and not under the influence of any illegal substance or drug when at work.

COVID 19 REQUIREMENTS: All personnel employed by Tulsa Opera will be subject to its current COVID- 19 policy at the time of employment.


While Tulsa Opera is a group serviced by IATSE Local 354, this job is not a 354 listing and so is not subject to any of the rules enforced by the local.

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