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Vote Tuesday

Brothers and Sisters,

As many of you know, the Oklahoma Presidential Primary is coming up on Tuesday, March 3rd, and I encourage all of you who are eligible to get out and vote. Those who are registered as Democrats and Independents can vote in the Democratic Primary. Only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican Primary. Whoever you vote for, I hope your decision is made on what you believe is best for your brothers and sisters in the labor movement. As a bonus, Tulsa County voters will also have the opportunity to decide whether liquor stores are able to be open on Sundays.

As we get into this election season, I also encourage you to contact me with any concerns you have, whether they be on the municipal, state or federal level. As your Political Coordinator, I will do my best to relay your concerns to the proper elected officials.

One development in the Oklahoma Legislature this year has been HB 3920, which is currently working its way through the House. For those who are interested, this bill will provide incentives to bring more film industry work to Oklahoma. I just spoke with the Vice-President of Local 484 - Studio Mechanics last month and they are still wanting to add members, if you are interested go to and check it out.

Lastly, I want to put in a plug for the IATSE PAC. A political action committee allows the union to pool resources on a national level to work through the political system to benefit all of our members. By going to, you can easily make a one time or recurring monthly donation to support this important work. I am currently making a monthly donation at the "Leader's Club" level. I encourage you to donate, even if it's only a one-time donation of a few dollars, every bit helps.

In Solidarity,

Richard Shumberger

Political Coordinator



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