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Time to step up for WWE!

Time to step up!

We are very short handed for the WWE call next Friday, by a number in the 20s. If you’ve not been asked to work, please send Tab, Joel or me an email, or call.

If you’ve been asked, and declined, please reconsider working.

Understand how bad it reflects on us as a Local if we can’t adequately fill the calls. Consider how this type of issue could impact your ability to make money in the future if we can’t service the contracts we have. If there is any way at all you can work, please step up.

If you know of anyone to suggest adding to the call list, please send us their contact info asap.

The hours are tough this time for the WWE call. But if we want to continue having the work that we do, sometimes we each have to put ourselves out and maybe suffer some inconvenience for the sake of the rest.


Paul Clear

President, Local 354, IATSE

Tulsa, OK


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